Cross Training

The fastest way to lose weight and improve fitness is to exercise at high intensity for the longest time possible.  This is best accomplished by combining simple activities like running, jumping, and throwing with complex resistance exercises like bench press, squat, and Olympic lifts.   Each session is one hour including warmup and cooldown.  The classes cap at 16 people per session and you reserve your spot prior to class.  Our classes are split into two categories, Cross Training 1 (CT 1) and Cross Training 2 (CT 2).  

Our CT 1 classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and are designed as circuit sets involving body weight and small weight exercises. CT 1 classes serve as our intake classes for newcomers.  Your first week of CT 1 class is always FREE!  CT 2 classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and involve our core lifts or back squat and bench press and the Olympic lifts, i.e. cleans and snatches.  Those new to our program must attend to at least one CT 1 class session AND complete a Level 1 Olympic Lifting Clinic before attending any CT 2 session.  The clinics are held every other Saturday from 10:00-11:00 AM.  There is a $30 fee for  each clinic you attend.

The Month-to-Month plans are eligible for a 15% discount for active military, fire, police, EMT, and teachers.  Students receive a 40% discount.  You will need to produce a valid (CURRENT) ID in person to receive your discount.

We also offer a 20% discount on all additional family members (spouse or children only) for the Month-to-Month plans.

Only one discount applies per person.  Please ask Coach Hutchison to apply your discount after you buy your training plan.

To see available class times and register for a class, please click on the CLASS SCHEDULE tab above.

Drop-ins are welcome!  $20 per class.

We accept cash or cheque for drop-ins, personal training, lactate testing, and nutritional counseling.  For cross training plans we only accept auto payments via direct withdrawal.

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Personal Training

You may prefer to workout in a smaller setting than is provided during our group cross training classes.  Some like to work on a specific skill with an instructor while also attending the group classes.  You can purchase individual sessions or buy 6 or 12 session packages that provide discounted rates per class.

•    Single Session $70

•    6 Session Package $390

•    12 Session Package $720

•    24 Session Package $1350

 To see our available times for personal training session, please click on the APPOINTMENTS tab above.

To schedule a personal training session contact Alexander Hutchison today.


Gym & Mobile:  210-827-8753  


Whether you’re training for your first Ironman, marathon, or you’re just trying to change your lifestyle and run a 5K, we have the training plan for you.  All training plans begin with a face-to-face meeting to determine the goals and objectives of each athlete.  Training plans vary in price depending on the amount of direct coach-athlete interaction desired.

Interactive Training Plans

There are three types of interactive training plans: E-coaching, Personal Coaching, and the combined training plan with personal coaching.


Those who already have good technique and are just interested in being given periodized monthly workouts to follow for training purposes may chose this option.  No one-on-one coaching is involved. $125 per month with an initial $60 start-up fee.  All workouts are assigned and administered through TrainingPeaks.

Personal Coaching

Consists of stand alone, individual instruction and critique for most effective and efficient sport skill performance and knowledge.  $70 per hour-long session.

Coaching/Training Plan

Combinations of E-coaching and personal coaching sessions can be agreed upon based on the individual needs of the athlete.  The $125 per month for the E-coaching is the base fee with rates for one-on-one sessions based on the number and length of sessions requested.

Triathlon-Running Kits can be purchased from BIKINGTHINGS.COM.  It is always best to ask for a “fit kit” before ordering your clothing.

To register for a training plan that is built to your specific needs and and strengths, contact Coach Hutchison today.


Gym & Mobile:  210-827-8753  

Lactate Testing

The lactate threshold is the intensity of exercise at which fatigue will set in within a minute or two.  If two athletes are equally fit, the athlete with highest lactate threshold has a distinct advantage.  The best way to improve your race speed is to train right around your lactate threshold.  In order to determine this number we put you on a treadmill and increase the intensity every three minutes until you fatigue.  We take a small blood sample from your finger tip at the end of each stage and measure your heart rate throughout.  The test takes about an 30 minutes and you should expect to be at TejasFit for about an hour in total.  We generate a report that provides a series of heart rate ranges in which to train for base, tempo, recovery, and race speed.  Since training will improve your lactate threshold, it is best to test this several times during a season.  For an in depth explanation of the test and its benefits, please read the article below that Coach Hutchison wrote for USA Triathlon and

Lactate Threshold Testing

Single Lactate Threshold Test $75

Three Test Package $190 (12 and 24 weeks apart)

To schedule a personal training class contact Alexander Hutchison today.


Gym & Mobile:  210-827-8753