Below is a calendar of our available Cross-Training Group Classes.  For new members, the first week of CT1 classes is FREE!  New member must attend at least one Cross Training 1 level class on any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday and attend our Level 1 Olympic Lifting Clinic ($30) before they can attend any Cross Training 2 Level classes on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  

You can reserve a place in any CT1 class as a FREE TRIAL student by clicking on the class time and day that best suits your needs.  Then click on the Sign Up button under the words “New Here?”  The numbers in parentheses represent how many people are registered for the class and the cap number for each class.  For example (8/16). 

To schedule appointments for Personal Training Sessions, and Lactate Threshold Testing, please click contact coach Uzquiano directly at 210-827-8753   or